Jacob Feldman   |  Principal

 Jacob has over 12 years of experience in acquisition, development, construction, and management of commercial and residential projects. Prior to Mod Equities, Jacob Led a management team, overseeing many projects for a large NYC real estate company which owned a number of properties. He has vast experience dealing with all aspects of real estate, as well as strong relationships with investors, banks, and numerous real estate funds. Among other responsibilities, Jacob maintains an active role in all renovation needs of the company and works creatively to cut costs, while improving the aesthetics and value of the properties



Josef Feldman  |  Principal

 Josef is responsible for financing, acquisitions, leasing, and marketing of the company's commercial and residential real estate properties. He has broad skills in arranging financings, acquisitions, and leasing properties. His proactive management style allows the firm to cultivate new opportunities, increase revenue, lower expenses and generate greater asset turnaround.